Where’s My Mickey? Review

Puzzle games like Where’s My Water? always fascinate me as much as the most brilliant movie that I’ve ever seen. So it is with the new release of Disney’s most popular Where’s My series, Where’s My Mickey?. This time, you will have a brand new adventure with the world-famous Mickey Mouse.

The central idea hasn’t changed much, and the basic gameplay follows the vintage formula of the previous Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?. Your task is to guide the water through twisted pipelines to Mickey’s bucket, by swiping tunnels through the soft dirt and overcoming obstacles like poisonous water and water-activated switches. Along the way, you should manage to let the flowing water soak the three animated stars so that you can collect them to unlock subsequent levels. Sometimes, there is also a question mark on the top left of the screen to indicate that you can look for a collectible object hidden in the dirt on your must-go path to destination. You can strive to discover and collect all the hidden objects scattered around the levels to unlock the bonus puzzles. Your score is based on how soon you complete the level, how many stars you collect, and how much water you deliver to Mickey’s bucket.

However, the new title is by no means a simple rehash based on its predecessors. Instead of always keeping players confined in gloomy underground without any storytelling, this game includes 60 all-new increasingly challenging levels across 5 unique episodes. Each episode revolves around a hilarious story with an old-fashioned yet attractive art style inspired by the Disney’s forthcoming series of Mickey Cartoons. For instance, in the first episode “When Life Gives You Lemons”, Mickey decides to open up a lemonade stand at the beach to serve the thirsty tourists, but he merely gets an empty bucket. You should help Mickey guide water from the underground to fill up his bucket. Moreover, the game introduces new weather mechanics to make it more challenging, such as the clouds that can store certain amounts of water and navigate to a more desirable location with the help of blowing wind.

Besides the iconic character Mickey, the game offers two additional episodes with 40 Goofy puzzles, and more hilarious episodes and new friends in the future. You are only allowed to have a sneak peek with 6 levels free to play, and unlock the remaining levels with an additional purchase for $0.99 in the App Store.

The game also has improved level design for different-sized devices with an exclusive episode for tablet owners. It discards the awkward scroll bar on the left side of the screen in Where’s My Water?, and provides 20 extra larger levels for large screen devices, which dispels your inconvenience of handling with the larger levels on your small screen mobile phones.

Overall, Where’s My Mickey? is a well-designed puzzler built upon the familiar mechanics, but has stretched gameplay with welcome doses of new twists. If you are a big fan of puzzlers in this formula, Where’s My Water? is a must-own.

  • LongIsland, NY
  • This new game combines all the great aspects of those previous ones and adds completely new art, animation, challenges, and the most iconic character in the world. A must-play for any app enthusiast!
  • Doaner
  • Normally not a big puzzle fan, but my friend convinced me to buy it. Glad I did! The game is so much fun. I love the stories and Mickey’s emotions.
  • Cbrunner11
  • The game is fun and I have enjoyed it, but I just can’t get past Disney trying to get even more money out of me by making two separate apps. Every other where’s my… game is usable on both iPhone and iPad. One price and you can play on both. This game is only for use on iPhone. I would have to buy another app at a dollar more to play it on my iPad. That means I would buy two apps and spend $3. That doesn’t even include the in-app purchase for another $1 to
  • unlock the Goofy levels.

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