Warhammer Quest Cheats, Walkthrough, Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Game Introduction:

Warhammer Quest is a board RPG where you battle against enemies using your skills and tactics. The game is a little challenging for newbies and addictive for hardcore gamers. If you are not sure how the game works, or how to win and survive in the game, just check our cheats and strategy tips guide below.


  • Make sure you have rotation lock disabled when you play. You need to rotate your device to access the equipment screen.
  • The Skaven expansion, “The Hidden Threat”, is well worth its price (currently $4.99). It adds a lot of content to the game, including new towns, quests, enemies, and dungeons. Mixing all of the new stuff in with the base content increases the depth and replayability of the game.


  • Don’t split the party. Your party will naturally divide during a fight, as your melee heroes should be on the frontline soaking up damage while your ranged heroes should be keeping a safe distance. Take the time to regroup before entering a new room though, or the front of your party might be dead before the back of the party can catch up.
  • At the lower difficulties, you will get a hero who dies back after you are done with the dungeon they died in. At the hardcore difficulty, your heroes can die permanently. With only four characters available for you to use (unless you bought some of the purchasable characters), losing even one can be devastating to your campaign.
  • When a hero goes down, they will have a skull icon over them for a turn. During this time, you can and should use healing spells or items on them to get them back up. This works in hardcore mode too, but if you miss the opportunity to revive them, they will be dead permanently.
  • You can heal status ailments by retreating from a dungeon. You can then return immediately to the same dungeon.
  • Try to save healing items and your wizard’s power store until they are really needed… you’ll be glad you saved them when you find yourself in a tough situation. That said, don’t hesitate to use them when your party really needs them.
  • Waiting behind to heal up your party with magic can be a good idea, but don’t stay still for too long. When you get a “0″ from the Winds of Fate (a one-in-six chance each turn), not only do you not get any power for your wizard, you’ll also trigger a random event which is usually a monster ambush.
  • Ideally, you should have one of your melee characters filling the role of a tank. Try to position him so that he takes the brunt of incoming attacks, especially focus on protecting fragile characters like the Grey Wizard. Focus on improving your tank’s Toughness stat, as it will provide him with extra defense against every attack he endures. If you have another melee character in your party, you can focus on his Strength stat so he can deal more damage.


  • The enemy AI tends to target the hero that most recently hit them. Accordingly, you should typically hit monsters with your fragile characters first and your tough characters last.
  • If an enemy starts a turn adjacent to one of your characters, they will be pinned and unable to move (they can still attack though). Likewise, if one of your heroes starts a turn next to an enemy, they have a chance of being pinned (a higher Pinning stat will make your heroes harder to pin).
  • You can move all of your heroes before attacking with any of them.
  • Once a hero has fired an arrow, they cannot move for the rest of the turn.

Leveling Up

  • If you are unhappy with the offerings of a level up screen, you can “reroll” them by quitting the app from the multitasking tray and then opening it back up. Your party will be outside the city and your character will still be unleveled.
  • The wizard becomes very powerful as he levels up, but it’s easy to leave him far behind in experience compared to his teammates. Make sure you leave some weakened enemies for him to kill so he can make progress on his leveling up too.
  • Don’t ignore optional hallways and optional quests. Sure, you can advance in the game without them, but they have all kinds of XP and loot to offer if you take the time to explore them.

Shopping, Items, and Equipment

  • Healing items are more important than better armor. Be smart about the way you spend your limited gold.
  • Even late in the game, a stockpile of common healing items can make a big difference in how successful your dungeon dives are.
  • Scrolls are preferable to potions, as heroes can use scrolls on each other whereas they can only use potions on themself.
  • Consumables are one-time-use items. Use them once and they are gone. Accessories are once-per-dungeon items, but you get to keep them and take them into the next dungeon. Obviously, accessories are better than consumables.
  • Thinking ahead about your equipment can help you stretch your gold further. Some of the classes share usable equipment types (e.g., the Marauder and Waywatcher can both use long bows). If you’re deciding between two different weapons, the one that can be passed to another character when it becomes your second-best weapon of that type is more valuable than the one that can’t be passed down.
  • Consider the minimum and maximum values in an item’s or spell’s stats. Consider a healing spell or potion as an example. A high maximum is awesome, but if there’s a low minimum, the random number generator could really mess you up. If you can choose something with a higher minimum (even though the maximum will probably be lower), those guaranteed points of healing can be crucial.
  • On top of getting power every turn from the winds of fate, your wizard will develop a power store. He can draw from his power store at any time during a dungeon, but it will not refill until you enter a new dungeon. His power store will improve as he levels up and gets better gear. Giving him equipment that provides him with power store can help him remain useful even when the Winds of Fate treat you poorly.

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