The Tribez Review

The game is set in a parallel world where civilization has developed to a stage that greatly resembles the Stone Age in human history. You will be living with a local primitive tribe and assist the scientists for some researches. Despite how exciting it may sound, this opening story matters little when the game actually starts, as this is essentially a city-building game.

As chief of the tribe, you will help your people to establish a prosperous community. To this end, there are a lot of things to do: collect resources, construct buildings and structures, go farming and producing, and provide entertainment and refreshment for the tribal folks. You explore the world and made discoveries by following tasks produced by the system, while new comers will sometime arrive and bring along fresh quests.

The tribe’s construction progresses slowly as in most of city builders, but the progression can be quickened by using the in-game premium items . The food is consumed at an unbelievable speed, while it can only be obtained through very limited means. To unlock new areas require a large amount of soft currency, the gold coins, which cannot be gained in time. From time to time, you need to stop all the resource-consuming constructions to accumulate the resources. It might be the developer’s scheme to create a long-term incentive mechanism. Nonetheless, the gaming experience is exhausting. It takes either a handsome amount of investment of hard currency or a lot of patience to make the game interesting.

Developer of The Tribez obviously strives for the goal of keeping the players coming back in the long run. For starters, the game doesn’t even offer a proper Quit Game button in the option list. Also, it provides an amazingly abundant of gaming contents. The world map consists of seven islands, each of which is a fairly large mass of land on its own. By building rafts on the home island, you can travel to the other six islands and continue the exploration and building. There will be practically tons of tasks to be performed. Be that as it may, the gameplay itself is not so absorbing. The duplicated tasks are a sea of monotony and dreariness. It is doubtful that anyone would actually choose to repeat a similar experience six more times.

The game monetizes through the in-App sale of gold coins and gems. While gaming, you will experience a series of continuous promotions for a dazzlingly large amount of in-store items, some of which are even included in the game tasks. Such factors, to be frank, are much disturbing and bothersome.

The graphics in the game are obviously detailed and well-crafted., while the gameplay is less competitive. In general, this is still a finely crafted city builder, but for a game to get a long-term success, there is still room for improvement.

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