Spiral Episode 1 Review

Spiral Episode 1 is the introducing episode of a 3D ARPG series where you take the role of Tempus, an investigator, and witness the missing of an important package and confront with the infested creatures called Entropies. Your goal is to look into the case and investigate the cause and force behind the Entropies.

The game tells a somewhat familiar story. Players, from the get-go, witnesses a surprise attack by a mysterious group. Curious and astonished, he is determined to unearth the cause and truth even though the authority tries to talk him out of it and refuses to inform him of any helpful information. Step by step, he is going to get into tons of troubles, meet various characters, and complete missions to clear obstacles and unravel the mystery. That is cliché – you can find an identical story in many post-apocalyptic RPGs.

What Spiral lacks in story originality, it makes it up in the dynamic controls. No specific buttons, bars, or icons are displayed on the interface. Players do whatever they want simply by tapping, holding and sliding. Tap a point to have the avatar walk over there, double tap a point to have the avatar rush up there, or tap the avatar to stop its movement. Slide a finger across the screen to see around. And tap, hold and slide to slowly move the avatar.

Simple controls also result in multiple actions during battles. Players tap an enemy for a light attack, double tap for heavy attack, hold for a combo attack, and tap the avatar itself to block all the nearby enemies.

In Spiral, the avatar uses this optical weapon that will transform into a pistol, double swords, or other forms automatically depending on the particular situation, including the number of enemies nearby and the distance between them and the avatar.

All those actions and weapons are presented in the best artwork you can imagine. Powered by Unreal Engine, Spiral has every scenario, every view, and every corner depicted with great attention and details, leaving the game an absolute visual delight throughout the whole experience.

Completely story-driven, Spiral features endless conversations between Tempus and various NPCs, and the best thing is that all those conversations are voiced. Those distinctive and sometimes humorous remarks walk players through the game, offering tips and delights. However, the storytelling takes up too much in the game, especially when players often have to chat with all the characters they encounter in a hope to discover any useful clue since the game incorporates puzzle solving elements.

Without a single one action button, Spiral offers the richest interactions ever between avatars and surrounding objects and characters. As long as you would like to find out what you can do and what an amazing fighter you can be in a visually stunning game, Spiral Episode 1 is your game.

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