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Spiral Episode 1 Review

Spiral Episode 1 is the introducing episode of a 3D ARPG series where you take the role of Tempus, an investigator, and witness the missing of an important package and confront with the infested creatures called Entropies. Your goal is […]

Steel Commanders Review

Steel Commanders is a free to play collectable card game of the science-fiction variety by Gamevil. Players will find this title does little in terms of defying convention, as well as also starkly lacking in imagination. Predictable and cliche to […]

The Tribez Review

The game is set in a parallel world where civilization has developed to a stage that greatly resembles the Stone Age in human history. You will be living with a local primitive tribe and assist the scientists for some researches. […]

Where’s My Mickey? Review

Puzzle games like Where’s My Water? always fascinate me as much as the most brilliant movie that I’ve ever seen. So it is with the new release of Disney’s most popular Where’s My series, Where’s My Mickey?. This time, you […]