Great 6 Free Apps for your iPad and iPhone

Once again we have picked the best free game apps that we think will wonderfully work your iDevice. Opportunity knocks only ones so don’t delay and get these apps now while they’re still free in the App Store.

1. CandyLand

Bring out the child side within you with this cute and entertaining game app. Get involved in helping your Bum-Bums reach home without falling into the trap of evil bugs that will try to lure them with delectable candies. Bum-bums are the cute characters in the game. This game includes 100 levels that will let you meet different types of creatures as you let your characters leave Candyland. The game works great with the retina display of your iDevice, and its controls are so simple you can’t help but enjoy.


2. Swivel

Swivel is not your regular matching puzzle game. This game includes new and improved graphics and sound tracks it will make you say you’ve never had enough puzzle games before. If playing alone is boring, you can challenge two of your friends to share the fun with you. The more blocks you match, the bigger is your score. If you love puzzle games you should include Swivel in your list.


3. Puzzle Pond

Картинки по запросу Puzzle Pond appКартинки по запросу Puzzle Pond app

Take your matching game on the pond for that new twist with Puzzle Pond. Not only that, this game app will take you to three settings: choco pond, chilly pond, and sunny pond. You also have the option to play with three different modes: puzzle, speed, and zen. The puzzle mode will twist your brain with over 60 challenging puzzles. You can also invite you friends for a game challenge for additional fun.


4. Gravulous

Картинки по запросу Gravulous app

Take your gaming into outer space for a great diversion with this game app. The game is basically collecting planets, breaking planets, and opening new universe. This futuristic game is so addicting you’ll surely play the app over and over again. Create more planets to earn more points. Make sure you won’t get caught in Gravulous or your game is over.


5. Vizati

Help Julie and Ben decipher the message hidden in a magical cube they’ve found. Vizatiis not your regular puzzle iPad game. This one will let you chose between two modes: story mode and arcade mode. You need to flip the cubes using your fingers to uncover and match symbols. This is a great game app for those who love puzzle games with the addition of good sound track and graphics.


6. Death Cop

If you’re addicted with shooting game you should try Death Cop while it’s still for free. This shooting iPad game offers nonstop action in every level. Let your character wonder in 16 locations and fulfil your mission with gusto. Easy controls with great graphics are two main reasons you’ll get addicted to this game.

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